From the bottom of my heart… I Love You



I have come to learn over the last decade of being a husband there are things that change and things which do not. Bills change, friends change, people change, but change has always been known as a sign of growth in natural law. It can be said everything which does not change is unnatural. When a child has an issue with growing it is thought to be a bit illogical and thus that child is sent to experts to determine the issue which is usurping the natural order. The process of growing is the process of changing. The purpose for a child to grow is so he/she may become an adult. Growth is the vehicle for the change we all need in our lives.


In ten years, I have laughed hard and cried harder. I have run forward with reckless abandon, and I have moved backward tip-toeing on eggshells the entire way. I have triumphed and I have made mistakes, in all I have done regardless of whether or not my personal character has been consistent, I have grown. I have seen my marriage stand on the verge of failure to the pinnacles of success, and everything in between. It was not by my own hand which my marriage was saved, but by the same principles left to us by our creator through natural law.

natural law

I have found out relationships need also to obey natural laws, all relationships must grow to survive. The growth of two people into a whole functioning unit is a wonderful metamorphosis. It takes us from being individuals who have the ability to create whatever we desire and build our future with our own hands into becoming an entity which will have the strength to stand no matter the circumstances because we are no longer standing alone, but tied together with the same goals, the same dreams, driven by the desire to see the success of one another. Relationships are poetic in this manner, revealing depth and complexity line by line until the goal of motivation is recognized or achieved.


Love is more than just a combination of words and a summary of romantic actions, love is a commitment to change.


A commitment to ever-evolving with the best interest of one another in mind well before ourselves. It is the choice we make to render our own lives less important than the life with our beloved. It is a commitment to each other’s goals, hopes, and aspirations to memory. A commitment to remove our insecurities from one another and to build a stability which can dawn a new era in our lives and empower us to achieve more than we had ever dared to before. It is a commitment of crushing our own belief systems and forcing ourselves to achieve the impossible, and all of this is never motivated by emotions, our emotions are fleeting at best.


These commitments all have one thing in common, the constant of change was chosen. The promise of fulfilling the natural order of law to be upheld, the choice of remaining at each other’s side no matter what the cost is how to say from the bottom of our hearts…. I love you.

from the bottom of my heart

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