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K. J. Boggs is a short story author, novelist and a relationship specialist. meHe has over five years experience in ministry as a marital counselor, motivational speaker, and spiritual guide. His works have been published in the World Wide Christian Magazine and he’s the author of the forthcoming love and relationship series, Quite Simply As. When he is not attending to those who are in need, he can be easily found at his wife’s side, doting over his daughter or finding ways to improve himself. You may visit him at

Brigit Rosé is a romance blogger. KFenAll things romance – paranormal, fantasy, even contemporary. She’s an avid reader and loves to share her opinion. She’s currently working on her B.A. in Creative Writing with the hopes of one day sharing her own work. When she isn’t reading or blogging, she’s spending time with her two furry kids. You can follow her on Instagram.




C.L. Roman writes fantasy and sci-fi with a paranormal edge and some occasional romance. Her recent works include Descent, Sacrifice, and Illusion, as well as a collection of paranormal short stories called Earth and Fire. You can find her at and on Facebook. She lives in the not-so-wilds of Northeast Florida with her husband and Jack E. Boy, the super Chihuahua.


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Teresa Little writes short stories and poetry (usually in 100 words). Her writing interests range from Mainstream Literary to Fantasy with paranormal and romance occasionally thrown in. She is currently working on her debut novel due out in 2018.  When she isn’t writing, she’s trying to figure out how to understand her vindictive cat. Follow her on Facebook.