Sometimes we all want the same thing:

the same thing.jpg

We run our world with full vigor and a type of control which we each exude over all aspects of our individual lives, even if we are not aware of it. Our understanding of what we can control is the reason why we can learn understand our direct environment. It is the fundamental way we ultimately learn how to interact with each other. We use what we have learned about ourselves through our individually learned methods to learn about others, and I have begun to suspect that we have all learned wrong. Lately, I have been noticing how impatient people are with one another. The level of animosity produced not only keeps us from valuing one but another but also interferes with our ability to love in our relationships.

But even though we see the results of this there is very little actually being done to combat the problem. The reason for this is because of the social duality we have created and allowed to perpetuate repeatedly without sitting don to properly address the root causes of the problems. On one side is the camp of solutions, they work night and day to garner and achieve the impossible in their lives. They foster lifelong relationships and battle against all injustice and unrighteousness there is and strive for fair and equal treatment of all people. This camp sacrifices career and monetary goals to ensure their families remain close and friends are not left behind. There is very little monetary value which can be associated with these solutions and therefore it is difficult under normal circumstances to be able to find the support it takes to see their solutions come to life. And then there is the second camp which has the intention of the first camp but ultimately finds the best solutions to not only see part of their values come forth but also sustains them to be able to function on their own. This camp works very closely with compromise but does not often relent on their beliefs.

Having both is necessary to our world for without one of them imbalance would take control. Unfortunately, the imbalance between the two does exist because of the methods in which they interact with one another. The level of control which they both refuse to surrender because of their own reasoning is why we are unable to find the middle ground in a large number of our conflicts. And how we conduct our relationships, is also reflected in a similar manner. If we take a look at our politics, for example, we notice on most news channels which cover what all is going on, you are left with conflicting opinions of each political party. While no government is perfect, you can always expect problems to occur with anything which has been created by man (just try to figure out your phone, computer, or car when there is a problem if you don’t believe me. But the way we manage conflict and control our environments in no way shape or form exude any sort of tolerance for the other camp and If we do not find a way to address this need for control we will suffer our children to a similar fate. For intolerance is not love.



We should be learning harder on how to work together rather than tearing each other apart. Creating solutions to save face is not the same as saving one another. We want safety without rejection, love without persecution, security without victimization. We all want the same thing even if we are unconsciously aware of it.

We all want to be loved without conditions.



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