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GraduationIf you follow me on Instagram or read some of my past blogs, you know that I’m working on completing my Bachelor’s degree. I have four weeks left to graduation and honestly I’m freaking out a little. Of course that means my brain has been a bit scattered.

At the same time, I. CAN’T. WAIT! I’m so ready for a “summer break” where I can kick back, read a little more and most of all, WRITE. I started working on my first romance book about a year ago. writers-on-vacation-by-debbie-ohiAnd I’ve gotten all kinds of fun ideas since, but school has been my priority.

With school coming to an end, this means I can get back to my romance novel and even do some more romance book reviews. I’m absolutely excited about this!

To kick of my soon-to-be new-found freedom, I’d like to share the opening to my romance novel. PLUS, I’d like to know if you have a romance book you’d love for me to review. I’ve got a couple in my TBR list, but I have room for more.

love-romance-heart-sunset-hands-shutterstockIf you know a romance author who’d love a review or you are one or you just think there is a romance book that I should absolutely talk about, feel free to comment or e-mail me @ Romance.Brigit.Rose@gmail.com.



Oh! As promised, here’s the preview of my first romance novel, UnHinged.


Chapter One

“Are you sure this looks okay?” Ezzie brushed her hands down the tight black dress. It hugged her hips and showed off her curvaceous body. If this thing couldn’t show her crush she was a woman, then she gave up. So what if he was her brother’s best friend. Or that he’d roomed with her brother all through college. Damn it, she was eighteen years old. She had to tell him how she felt before she herself left for college.

Matt squeezed her shoulders. “For the millionth time, yes. Honey, if he still sees a baby girl with you wearing this, he’s either gay or not interested.”

“Break it down for me why don’t you.” Her best friend meant well, but sometimes she really wished he’d lie to her. Maybe not. She flopped back on her bed and blew out an exasperated breath. If things went according to plan, tomorrow night her life would drastically change. She’d actually give herself to a guy she cared about.

“I’ve sworn to be nothing, but utterly truthful with you. Don’t you remember our pinky swear the day we met?”

Ezzie smiled. A day she’d never forget. She loved her small as hell hometown, but people weren’t exactly ready to saddle up to an openly gay teenager. Matt had been the new kid in school. Well, they’d all been new. Freshmen. Fresh meat for the grinder. She’d stood up to some junior picking on him. Bam! Instant best friend. “Of course I do.”

“Good, then do me a favor. If this blows up in your face, promise me you’ll come stay with my parents and me in Santa Barbara. We can spend the summer there and then head to college together.” He held out his pinky finger. They’d both intended to start at the University of SoCal in the fall.

She sat up, hooked her pinky finger in his and they kissed each other on the cheeks like aristocrats. It had become their own personal joke for years and the way they made the ultimate commitment to one another. “I promise. But it’s going to work out.”

“If you say so.” Matt attempted to look positive, but appeared skeptical at best. He’d never been very good at faking it.

Whatever. She was positive enough for both of them. Jumping to her feet, she stood in front of the mirror one last time. She swept her hair to the side for Matt to unzip the back of the slinky black dress. It had to work. And if she embarrassed herself, at least she had a contingency plan. “Yep. I do. Now, help me out of this thing.”

“Ezzie, can you come here please?” Her mother called from down the hall.

She poked her head out her bedroom door. “In a minute, Mom.”


Contributor/Author: Brigit Rosé


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