100 on Lessons

This is an old 100 words from 2011. Ironically, apropos for I am cycling through these lessons right now in current WIP and Ben, my MC, is struggling, sliding, and scraping the bottom of the barrel as so many real people do.

Pray to God, wait, listen. Hear the words, ‘Be Still’. Years pass, pray and again those words. Meditate, drift, amble on in agony, cry, scream, shout. Find nuggets along the way. Stop and start, gnash teeth, fight like some great beast. Loathe, gripe, fall into despair. Take it down low, scrape the bottom, sink again, rinse and repeat until bone weary. Praying now more than ever but unable to quit the fight. So tired, like a child, crawling into those arms. Start to let go, forgiving others, finding balance, making peace and finding self. Finding love, forgiving self. Finally Still.

Author/Contributor: Teresa Little



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