100 on Diversity

Blond, blue, green, purple, black, pink. Shades of rainbow colored hair slide on skin tones one to the next in a cascade. Male, female, somewhere inbetween. Did it matter to the all gender restroom? (The answer in case you are wondering is no.) Young faces, old faces. Dressed from barely there to covered head to toe. Fat bodied, thin, shapely, muscled, overly round or stringbean. Who cared? To the mass in which I swam, it didn’t matter who was short and who was tall. All clambered. All said, we are here! We, of writerly veins with stories to be told.

Author Note: This is based on my experience at the AWP 2018 Conference where 12,000 writers from all over the US converged. Humanity is awesome when we are united in a cause. At this event it was writing and words.

Author/Contributor: Teresa Little


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