Review of “The Baby Clause”


This is a review of The Baby Clause by Tara Wylde and Holly Hart. I’ve never read either author before, so this was a first for me. But before I get too far ahead of myself, let me tell you about the book first because there were definitely some things I found interesting, while others not so much.

There is Paul, a hunky millionaire (described as The Legends of the Fall Brad Pitt), who wants nothing more than to be a father has begun his search for a surrogate. And to his chagrin, he comes across Lara, the virgin, instead. Ring SynopsisIn that instance, all he knows is she’s going to be the one he impregnates and makes his wife.



Going in I knew this was going to wind up as an unexpected pregnancy. The title gave it away. There were a few things I wasn’t prepared for and at least one of them I found refreshing. Before you continue reading, I want to advise of a spoiler alert. You have been warned.

I’ve never actually read a romance novel where the leading male is the one who has been out searching through surrogates in order to have a baby. romanceFinding out that Paul was doing that was a nice change. And when his first choice fell through, I felt bad for him. A night spent at The Blind Pig drinking made a lot of sense.

Then his eyes meet the one female bartender/owner across the bar. Okay, this is whole love a first sight, I know is plausible and usually seen in romance novels. Totally a given and to be expected. Otherwise it’s some kind of conflict between the two protagonists. But I digress. The interaction between Paul and Lara is naturally flowing and it certainly does reveal some sensuality, at least in the beginning.

My problem comes in when we find out that Lara is a virgin. This doesn’t mean it isn’t plausible. What I found unbelievable was the way she referred to her vagina. downloadI’ve read romance books where it’s described as “core” and others where it’s a little more crass. I’m just not sure I could get on board with a virgin using that terminology. I mean come on. What virgin does that? I ask that there be at least some plausibility here.

Now, of course, there’s obviously something secretive going on with Lara. She keeps getting this strange notes. It’s also at this point we find out about Paul’s secret, that he’s looking for a surrogate. Fast forward eight weeks and we discover that Paul and Lara have been talking (via phone/text) since their little tête-à-tête. Makes it easier to tell your one night stand you’re pregnant. There is one problem I had with this and it was Lara’s comment about how long it takes for a woman to realize she’s pregnant. It wasn’t that she stated that “most women know way before this.” It was the fact that she followed it up by suggesting women know as early as four weeks along. I call bullshit. Most women know when they are 6 – 8 weeks along.

The conversation from here between Paul and Lara didn’t seem to flow as well as it did in the beginning, but I could deal. It was still okay. My last problem comes in when Paul gets kidnapped. 19919165Yep, I said kidnapped. Along with the dog. It isn’t so much that he gets snatched that I have an issue with. It’s how quickly it gets resolved and not because he fought back.

Paul and Lara get into an argument. She chases after him, he and the dog get grabbed, and next thing you know there are sirens in the air. What? Were they around the corner or something? Yeah they had been at the bar from it being vandalized at least fifteen minutes or so before Paul got taken, but they’d left. I don’t recall them hanging around or anything like that. Some information on this would have been useful.

And yes, Lara witnessed the whole thing, but it was almost like Paul got kidnapped in front of the police. Obviously these crooks weren’t the smartest crayons in the box. And I’ve seen some idiotic criminals, but these guys take the cake. I expected this entire part of the book to be a bit more realistic. 871Not to mention, when we left Lara she was running after the van, then Paul gets rescued and we find out she slipped on some ice and fell and was rushed to the clinic. Really?

Aside from these story-line problems, there were a few grammatical errors. Mostly minor like words repeated in error or missing quotation marks. I think the main one I found was a sentence that just didn’t make any sense. I get it, no one’s perfect and these are easy to overlook.

With all of that in mind, here’s my rating: 2.5 stars.


Author/Contributor: Brigit Rosé




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