Love is…

There are some things in life when no explanation is necessary and these are the kind of moments we live for in our relationships.

The silent sacrifice of the last bite of his favorite food, or perhaps it is her over-aggressiveness while you are both in the bed to curl up underneath you even though you are already snuggling. Sometimes it is as simple as nuzzling their cheek with your nose. These and many more examples are moments of affection we give one another while we are with those we love. These are the moments we have are when we maximize our space with one another. Whether it’s holding her waist close to yours while you’re in the middle of a mall, or simply walking together hand in hand, the bond which is fostered through our willingness to connect is priceless.

Love is simply being together when there is nowhere else in the world for you to be, love is finding that space where only you both exist with one another and none other. Love is continuing to pursue after the passion of one another invoking each other into the euphoria which accompanies two people who caress one another beyond consciousness. For moments like this, love simply… is.

Love comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. It holds no set rules of engagement nor does it hold any limitations. The only thing love contains are boundaries and most often these boundaries are self taught through experience.

It is with utter certainty you can declare there is nothing like the love you have, on this planet. And I am inclined to believe you and have no reason to doubt your claim whatsoever.

I mean we could render a search team to the quest, but as you and I both know, it is not necessary.

The time we have on this planet is limited. In this brief amount of time we have, why shouldn’t we maximize every opportunity to engage what we have in our lives with each other? If you were to close your eyes right now and visualize the space where only your partner, spouse, loved one and you, may dwell, whether or not the moment exist is entirely up to you. In our minds we have a burning desire to continue to be intimate with our beloved, in a place which is reserved only for them, but it is up to us to bring what we see in our minds as the intimate space, into reality.

So take the time to foster those feelings, to pursue your passion and to develop your dating. Take this time, a time, anytime to find that intimate space… the only place where the key to our relationships allow us to go to.

I assure you it is not a difficult thing to do. Just do it with the kind of love which the foregone memories have welled up within you. This is your love and your relationship, choose to make it last, and choose to make it count. Treat your space with your beloved as the only place you have ever wanted to be.



Love is…

when just being together is enough.

Illustration credit to

Author / Contributor – K.J. Boggs



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